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Mamma Starters and sides

Feel free to order these moreish extras as starters with only the finest of local
and Italian ingredients.


Antipasto di Montagna (Single) 6.95 – (To Share) 10.95
A mixed Italian platter of our best parma ham (D.O.P.), a selection of salami, Italian mozzarella and a mix of olives, accompanied by our homemade toasted Italian bread, topped with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. 
Antipasto misto con prosciutto di Parma,  salumi, olive e formaggi italiani.

Parma e Mozzarella (Single) 6.20 – (To Share) 7.95
Italian mozzarella and parma ham (D.O.P.), on a bed of rocket and accompanied by a slice of focaccia.
Antipasto di prosciutto di Parma e mozzarella.

Caprese (Single) 6.10 – (To Share) 7.50
A traditional Italian starter of  mozzarella and collina tomatoes topped with extra virgin olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt and fresh basil. Accompanied by a slice of focaccia.
Classica caprese con mozzarella, pomodoro e basilico.


Toasted homemade bread with a choice of different toppings
*Just ask if you’d prefer without garlic.

Bruschetta Parma 4.95
Toasted homemade bread with extra virgin olive oil, parma ham (D.O.P.) and topped with our best parmesan (D.O.P.) shavings.
Bruschetta con prosciutto di Parma e scaglie di parmigiano.

Bruschetta Pomodoro 3.95
Toasted homemade bread topped with collina tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, red garlic and fresh basil.
Bruschetta con aglio di Sulmona, pomodoro e basilico.

Bruschetta Piccante 4.40
Toasted homemade bread topped with extra virgin olive oil, red sulmona garlic and spicy Nduja salami paste.
Bruschetta con aglio di Sulmona e Nduja.

Semplice 2.95
Extra virgin olive oil, red sulmona garlic and mediterranean sea salt.
Bruschetta con oglio extra vergine, aglio di Sulmona e sale.

Bruschetta Mista (To Share) 5.95
A taste of our four toasted homemade  bruschettas. Garlic, tomato, parma ham (D.O.P.) and spicy salami paste.
Misto di bruschette-  Parma, Semplice, Nduja e pomodoro.



Supplì 3.60
Two deep fried risotto rice balls with Bolognese sauce and a heart
of melted mozzarella.
Due supplì al ragù.

Pizza Fritta 2.70
A slice of deep fried pizza topped with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary,
Mediterranean sea salt on a bed of rocket.
Uno Spicchio di Pizza fritta condita con Oglio, rosmarino e sale.

All of our salads are accompanied by a slice of focaccia topped with extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean sea salt.

Mista Salad 3.50
Lettuce, rocket, cucumber and tomatoes.
Rughetta, cetriolo, Pomodoro e Lattuga.

Mammà Salad 4.95 6.80 
A nutritious mixed salad with Lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, parma ham (D.O.P.), mozzarella and black olives.
Rughetta, Pomodoro, prosciutto di Parma (D.O.P.), mozzarella e olive.